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Frequently Asked Questions


PURCHASE - Where can I buy an ALT bag?

PURCHASE - How to order?

PURCHASE - How to change/ edit order details?

PAYMENT - Which Payment Methods are accepted?

PAYMENT - Where can I find the bank details to pay?

PAYMENT - How can I pay via Credit card/ Debit card/ Paypal?

PAYMENT - Where to send proof of payment?

PAYMENT / SHIPPING & DELIVERY - Do you have COD (Cash-on-delivery/ C.O.D.)?

SHIPPING & DELIVERY - What are your Shipping Methods?

SHIPPING & DELIVERY - How much is the shipping fee? How fast is delivery?

SHIPPING & DELIVERY - Is shipping fee per bag?

PRICE - Why are the prices on the website different from Instagram/ Facebook? Did you have a price increase?

PRICE - What bag is this? How much is this bag?

INSIDE THE BAG - What does the bag look like inside? Does it have compartments?

SIZE - Will my laptop/ folder/ gadget/ other item fit inside this bag?

SIZE - Does this come in different sizes? What are the dimensions of this bag?

AVAILABILITY - Is this style available?

AVAILABILITY - What are the available colors for this bag?

PRODUCT - Are the bags really water-repellent? Are they really lightweight?

PRODUCT - Are they durable? How is the quality?

PRODUCT - What is your bestseller? What style should I get?

PRODUCT - What materials are the bags made of? Can I have more details on the product?

PRODUCT - Can I see the bag when worn? Do the bags really look like the photos? Can I see actual photos?

COMPARISONS - What are the differences & similarities between New York and Madrid?

COMPARISONS - What is the difference between London & London Mini? Can I see the London/ London Mini when worn?

COMPARISONS - Which style is the biggest/ smallest?

COMPARISONS - What is the difference between this bag style and that bag style?

PRODUCT USE - How do I convert this bag into different ways?

PRODUCT CARE - How do I clean my ALT nylon bag?

STORE - Do you have a physical store?